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Get happier consumers.
More often.

How It Works

Yumaroo drives more consumers to your restaurant and helps you learn what's working.


Tell us what menu items to promote & who can eat them.


Get more new people through the door looking for food.


Receive customer feedback to pinpoint where to optimize.


Keep customers returning with a built-in loyalty program.


Yumaroo is valuable to restaurants.

Track conversions

No more spending on ads and wondering how well they work. We use geo-based reviews to track conversions.

Optimize Better

Meal-specific reviews provide actionable insights to pinpoint where to optimize and answer questions like "How much better is service on Mondays vs Tuesdays?" and "What percentage of people that like spicy foods think our Spicy Chicken is too spicy?"

Get happier customers

Yumaroo automatically matches customers with meals they will most likely enjoy and minimizes the gap between what they expect and your actual meals, leading to an enhanced dining experience.

Save Time

Customers arrive already knowing what to eat so orders can be sent straight to the kitchen, resulting in faster table turns and smoother operations.

Story Time!

Learn how Yumaroo can enhance the dining experience from our pitch at NMotion's Demo Day in December 2018.

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Let's help more people have amazing experiences at your restaurant.

Make A Difference

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